For you I’d bleed myself dry. Coldplay (via meetaclassybitch)

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People can’t save you but they can fucking destroy you. 10 word story (via extrasad)

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tbh fuck everybody
buy your own pizza touch your own butt

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Sometimes I think I’ve said all the right things to the wrong person. Jaide Scott (via )

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I woke up this morning drowning in the light of the sun and I could finally see where I went wrong. I could erase the pain and establish myself and set forth the path I know I was set to create. Somehow in the hours leading up to now, the darkness crept in, and I was overwhelmed by its misery. I was reminded that maybe hopelessness is real. And that I need to be realistic. That happiness is fake and that drowning in the sun is bullshit because I’m destined to be enclosed in this tomb forever. Because no matter what I do, I’ll let people walk all over me and I’ll run away like it’s my fucking job. Or I’ll tattoo their names on my heart like I’ve done it a thousand times because my name doesn’t have a meaning to anybody anymore. I am my biggest sin. I am the darkness that consumes me. I am the hand my drowns me. I am what eats me alive and I am the only one that keeps me company when everyone else has left me dry.

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I am a butt scientist. An asstronomer if you will.

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I am way too horny of a person to not be having sex on the daily

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